Travel 3rd to 7th February, 2016.

Libya: No one could enter with tourist visa, besides the country was at war and bombed airports. I had to take a special business visa (I got the letter of support via internet). I played hard. If they were not convinced by me and realized that I fooled them, anything could happen to me but certainly nothing good. The situation on my arrival was chilling. A lot of people wondering who I was and what I came to do. It was clear that my version was to be consistent. There was no time to think and must act without contemplations. They asked me about the hotel and who came to fetch me at the airport that was far from the center. I had a phone of the person who made me all the paperwork and a medical student who was the one who finally came for me when he saw that the situation was getting worse. I stayed 5 days were very tense and did not know if I would come out alive; since the militia was acting on the one hand, they were dressed in civilian clothes but were military and carried weapons, then was Daesh, terrorist group, I had problems with one of them when he saw me photographing a building with holes shrapnel embedded tank fire or planes. He said I was an American spy and that he had been following me, he saw me doing photos and identify me. I said I was not going to give my passport and insinuate that it was not American. He wore a long beard and had a potbelly. He began to yell at and people started coming. I gathered that some of them were militia. Finally I taught them Spanish passport and told them I was at the hotel at 200 meters. They wanted to investigate me but finally I could go on foot. I freaked and I still had some days that I spent not knowing if they were going to kidnap me or would wait at dawn when I went to catch my flight back. I could only stay at tripoli and surrondings because there were controls everywhere and would not let you move in any direction.

Places: The Archaeological Site of Leptis Magna, Sabratha, Cyrene, Tadrart Acacus and the old town of Ghadames is also recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Tripoli, the capital, is a curious city of colonial atmosphere with Roman ruins and Ottoman. Some interesting monuments are the Red Castle or the Arch of Marcus Aurelius.



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