Guinea Ecuatorial

Travel from 19th to 23rd February 2016.

Equatorial Guinea: Business Visa. corrupted country. I could visit the country thanks to people I met through Couch Surfing and opened their homes to me and advised me where to go and what to do.

Places: Malabo is located on Bioko Island, the capital, is a small colonial town with some attractions, such as the Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, the House of Spain, the port or the market. Basilé Peak volcano, the highest mountain in the country. Best to rent a chauffeur and visit different parts of the island. It has a beach with a waterfall, most beaches are dark volcanic sand. It also has a Biosphere Reserve area whith primates. You can also make treks to extinct volcanoes. The only problem is that they try to charge you for everything you want to do.


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