Travel March 27th to April 2nd, 2016.

Eritrea: Also called North Korea of Africa. Undoubtedly it was the most difficult country to obtain a visa. I spent a year so that they authorize me the visa and went through a local travel agency I contacted online; I bought their services and they took care of help; but I doubt that I could visited without their help. The embassy is in Paris (in spain we don´t have it) I had a discussion at the embassy and I think  they put me on the blacklist.

Places: The country is very poor and can survive as agriculture, mining ….. is mountainous and is washed by the Red Sea where you can go diving in Massawa; town with dilapidated buildings but charming. In Asmara, the capital footprint left by the Italians. Keren, an interior city in the mountains, fil fil road is very scenic and has great views. It is a pity, corruption and lack of freedom of expression and violation of human rights.

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