Travel February 28th to March 10th, 2014.

Angola: Due to the political situation, bureaucracy and it had found oil was difficult to visit it but finally I got it. Being a Portuguese colony  in Africa always they behave better. But as in every African country corruption is the order of the day and tried to bribe me cause I didn´t  carry passport with me when I was walking in the street,  the person I was with could go at home and got it.  I had to be four hours waiting holding in the dungeon series of verbal insults and humiliations of all kinds. Even threats, which had clear is that not going to pay the corrupt police who asked me for money, teaching me a lot of tickets inside his socks, was supposedly the money he had charged to other migrants to leave. I saw other Africans from other countries were humiliated and made to call a friend or acquaintance to leave.They threatened with deportation me aside to tell me that maybe with the crisis in Europe could not pay my return ticket and I had to be imprisoned. Since they had just found oil they felt powerful. Finally,  my friend came with my passport and could get along without paying anything. It was good experience to see in situ the reality.

Places: The National Parks of Kissama, Cangandala, Iona and Bicuar, the Mirador de la Luna and Kalandula Falls. Also outstanding monuments such as the Fortress of Sao Pedro, the National Bank of Angola and the Church of Our Lady of Nazareth in Luanda.

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